Information Provided Under Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Price

Customers chooses the currency at the time of order placing. All prices include applicable taxes. The price does not include any due customs fee. The price is valid from the time of the order (and its confirmation by Store) and it can not be changed under any cirmustances.
Shipping costs are added to the order price at the rates indicated in the Shipping Information.

Timing and Method of Payment of Price

Customer can make payment by using the Credit Cards.
Order processing begins within 24 hours of receipt of full payment.

Returns Policy

We will not accept returns for any reasons except for obvious initial defects.

Delivery Period for Services or Goods

We will ship within 2 days of receiving your shipping request.


Name and Contact Information of Company

Corporate Name:ATARICA Inc.

Name:Yasutaka Kataoka

Address:1F-B Cooee Kojimachi bldg. 3-10-8, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 1020083 JAPAN